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Discover How the Mitsubishi Clasidia was Born

A Forklift Engineered to Drive Your Business Forward

This forklift has been expertly engineered in Japan to meet the requirements of today’s business. Every element has been carefully designed to maximise durability, improve performance and increase fuel efficiency.

When others gravitate to complicated electronic software-dependent machines which are difficult to repair, Mitsubishi has cultivated an ingenious yet simple solution. Our customers keep telling us that once you get a Clasidia, you are a fan for life

The Most Fuel Efficient Forklift in its Class, Saving you Between 0.5l and 1.3l per Hour

These engines have been designed to deliver the lowest fuel consumption in their class while still delivering optimal performance. The reduced heat levels of the truck make the engine more efficient, reducing the overall cost of ownership. You can expect to save between 0.5l and 1.3l of fuel per hour per forklift. Whether you have one forklift or one hundred, the amount of money you will save will make a massive impact to your bottom line.

Ready to Take on Any Challenge, It was Engineered and Built with Minimal Plastic on the Body

Every component has been built to last and handles the most challenging of applications. The mast, engine, drive and steering axle were designed with maximum durability and exceptional value in mind. Apart from the steering column, there is zero plastic on the body.

Built with Minimal Electronics, Making Operation and Servicing a Breeze

Forklift operators love it because it’s super simple to drive and technicians love it because you don’t need a degree to service it. While many if our competitors are using more and more electronics and complicated software we think keeping it simple is best.

Reduce Downtime with 500hr Service Intervals, Compared with 250hr Service Intervals of Competitors

Everything has been intentionally engineered to be as tough as nails and last longer than ever before. While most competing forklifts will require 250hr service intervals, our build quality allows you to go 500hrs between services. Less downtime means your business becomes more productive.

Diesel & LPG-Petrol

2.0 - 3.0 Ton

Robust and Reliable

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Full floating powertrain for smooth operation.

44kw engine allows high lifting and travel speeds.

Optimal airflow and cooling.

Lift lock prevents accidental forks lowering when keyswitch is off.

Compact turning.

Neutral safety start.

Powerful lifting speed up to 640mm/s when loaded.


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